Innovative Solutions

Create Unique And Engaging Experiences For Your Customers


Our company was founded in 2001. We develop holographic systems and offer memorable solutions in the field of advertising, design and digital content.  We use the best developments in the world: our holograms do not fade in direct sunlight, their 3D volume is visible without stereo glasses, and their high resolution conveys the smallest details.  We have ready-made solutions for huge airport halls and exhibitions, for large conferences and for chamber events. We help with content development and provide full technical support after the sale or when renting out devices.   

Advantages of Our Solutions

  • The World’s Highest Resolution 3D System (16K 3D)
  • The Only Hologram In The World That Can Run In Direct Sunlight
  • The World’s First AR Cloud Headset
  • The Highest Resolution Consumer VR Headset In Human Eye FOV
  • All this makes HOLOGOROD solutions ideal for use in a wide variety of industries; advertising and promotion, sales, medicine, space technology and the defense industry.


A scalable solution for large venues, HOLOSPHERE NEW GEN 360 delivers exceptional image quality from any angle and allows you to showcase content with stunning clarity.


HOLO-Z ULTRAMOBILE revolutionizes project presentations for developers in the luxury housing sector. With a single device, you can display unlimited projects, eliminating the need for physical models. Effortlessly make revisions and changes to virtual models, saving time and creating captivating presentations.


Desktop version with high stereoscopic depth and clarity providing a realistic experience. Unique folding design makes it easy to transport.


Large size, realistic images and touch screen control - all this is HOLOSCALE, the best solution for exhibitions. A device that not only provides stereoscopic depth and clarity, but also gives a unique user experience


An innovative advertising platform that is changing the perception of urban advertising. It is designed specifically for placement on different modes of urban transportation and allows you to showcase the product in an engaging way with high quality images that are clearly visible even in bright sunlight.


HOLOBOX is the top high-definition solution for the design of store windows and interiors. Animated holographic image of goods inside the box looks just like in reality - the product can be seen from all sides in the smallest detail.  HOLOBOX is perfect for displaying any goods: clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, technology, alcohol, souvenirs.